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Hi, folks! I am reaching a turning point in my career, and I would love to ask for your help, but only if you can afford to. I am planning to take a break from working for hire once my current projects end. I intend to take a year or so to reevaluate what it is that I am doing. I want to take the time to rekindle my interest in music and life in general. I hope that rekindling will manifest itself in many ways. I will work on original music untied to any specific game/etc. for the first time in years! I will spend lots of time reading up and visiting friends around the world. I will (finally) record my collection of piano songs! And who knows what else. My career so far has been an incredible blessing. But I've been working under the direction of others for a decade. The notion of being in charge for a change excites me! I am excited to go in a new direction.

I am not keen on the idea of exclusive content. I see subscribing as a way for those who can afford it to help me subsidize my music for those who cannot. But a subscription is not without reward. You'll get full access to all my music, past, and future. By subscribing you are helping me in the most direct way possible. And you will have my eternal gratitude, in helping me to live my dream, every single day. Thank you!

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Los Angeles, California


Mike Ryczek
Mike Ryczek thumbnail
Mike Ryczek I found out about Richard when looking for the It Follows soundtrack, and I was amazed to find out how prolific and versatile he is. There is definitely a nostalgic tinge to all of the chip tunes as I grew up in love with NES, but that is a small fraction of the overall potency of this music. There's brilliant songwriting here that transcends his various styles and it really feels like a gift (for a very small price) from someone who has worked very hard to externalize his inner world.
planck pixels
planck pixels thumbnail
planck pixels I have been listening to Rich's music for years now, everyday for 8 hours while I'm in the office his sounds grace my ears.
I can say without a shadow of doubt that Rich is one of the most talented musicians around. The feeling and emotion that is provoked by his music is astounding.

Kudos Rich, you are a musical genius!
Lain Steiner
Lain Steiner thumbnail
Lain Steiner Rich, you are so talented. Your music is extraordinary, and I want you to keep doing it the way you like.
You have my entire support.
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